What was Trump Like in College?

Tools used: Premiere, After Effects, interviewing, research

I'm a serial YouTuber. In 2017, I took a course in motion graphics to improve the storytelling quality of my videos. I wanted to pick a hot-button topic to show off my animations. I've always been interested in the early lives of presidents, and Trump is no exception. So I decided to make a video on his college experience.

I reconstructed the timeline of Trump's university days through his draft deferment. I tried to stay away from value judgments and only present facts, which was difficult as I was dealing with secondary sources. Bruce Kuklick was an excellent interview, as he is an esteemed historian who has been affiliated with Penn for many years. Most of my other information derived from a biography of Trump by reporter Michael D'Antonio.

This is the most popular piece of journalism / information design I have ever made. As of this writing the video has over 150,000 views. I think the success was due to a combination of the subject matter, interview, and animation. I'm looking forward to making more videos in the future, although I want to move beyond purely political videos.

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